3D Printing Made Easy With Shapecloud

  • Date: March 30th, 2016
  • Author: admin


Delivery, personalize and home services are just a few of today’s value added service that many businesses offer to attract customers. Food meals, groceries, and massage services today can be customized to fit an individual’s preference. It’s all about choice and convenience. And this kind of convenience is now available to those who’d like to print in 3D.

Yes, now with just a few clicks you can have your creations printed in 3D and delivered right to your doorstep!

We talked to Mr. Erick Chua, founder of ShapeCloud, the first online 3D printing service platform in the Philippines, to learn more about this unique service.

What is Shapecloud?
Shapecloud is the Philippines’ first online 3D printing service platform. This basically means that the Shapecloud.ph website was built to intuitively accept orders from clients that want their 3D designs made into physical objects via 3D printing. Users can upload their CAD files (3D Designs) on to our cloud-based platform (www.shapecloud.ph), and from there choose the color they want to have the design 3D printed in. Once payment has been made through either Paypal or a bank deposit, our team automatically receives the job order to start turning the designs into reality.

Aside from just 3D printing, Shapecloud also offers 3D design and 3D scanning services for users and corporations that are not as familiar with making their own computer aided designs. In essence, this allows clients to utilize 3D printing, regardless of if they have any experience with engineering or design.

What is your company’s mission – vision?
3D printing was made to change the way manufacturing is utilized on a consumer level. Essentially, we’re able to create any design that our users send us, and we want to use this technology to streamline idea generation here in the Philippines. We envision ourselves to be one of the top contributors in the country promoting innovation through 3D printing. Providing an end- to- end avenue for even students and young professionals to design – create – and even mass produce, at any level of their idea conceptualization stage.

What are your services? Products?
The backbone of what Shapecloud offers is our 3D printing services. This can be for anything from physically creating a college student’s thesis project out of our 3D printed plastic, to building up an architect’s scale model building. The industries that have been affected by 3D printing are numerous, and having gotten the opportunity to work on 3D printed prototypes of machine parts/inventions, figurines, custom event giveaways, and even jewelry pieces, has left us with an even greater outlook for the future of the industry.

Tell us about 3D printing fees approx., and where you can be reached.
When users visit our website at www.shapecloud.ph, one of the first things that they would be able to see is our “upload” button. This is essentially their main way of showing us what design they would like to have 3D printed. We work on a quotation basis, as a lot of the cost stems from how a design was made, and what types of complex angles the object would have. Essentially though, a personalized iphone case would only cost a few hundred pesos to 3D print, and depending on how small or large the object goes from there, the price is quoted and sent over to the client. For any questions, our team is always happy to talk about possibilities of 3D print projects, or corporate/academic partnerships!

We can be reached via email at info@shapecloud.ph or through mobile at (+63) 917 536 2852.

Tell us about 3D printing in the Philippines.
As of today, the awareness of 3D printing in the Philippines is still in its early stages. However, some educational institutions have already started integrating the technology into their engineering, design, or technology related courses. We’re very pleased to say that we’ve also been able to play a role on the academe side, having partnered with various university departments and organizations, to form partnerships involving our 3D printing services, and even a number of seminars regarding this innovation.

What are the benefits of 3D printing?
A few years ago 3D printing was quite hard to come by here in the Philippines, and to resort to traditional means of manufacturing/prototyping would mean spending large amounts of capital or time to get anything done. This is what we’ve been trying to solve since launching Shapecloud.ph. 3D printing becomes an affordable way to make prototypes or personalized items. Our Philippine culture is so personal in nature, and whether this be identified on how we give personal gifts to our loved ones, or how local companies choose custom giveaways for their events, we feel that this point is heavily observable. That is where we find a lot of mutually beneficial opportunities for both individuals and the institutions alike.

Without needing to invest in heavy equipment, one can physically hold a plastic version of their product mock up within a week of when the file was uploaded on our site. That would be another major benefit, that utilizing such a technology trims down lead time from months to weeks, and potentially even days. The opportunities are endless to say the least, and the willing