About Us


    We know very little of other languages, and people from other countries know very little of ours. But there is one word that is a verb in every language: Google. To Google something is to search for it in the internet. This is the sign that we are living in a world dominated by technology – the one thing that most languages have in common is the name of a website.

    Inevitably, technology has heavily influenced the field of design, and has given rise to the genre of digital design. Today, a large percentage of the world is designed digitally: the movie posters on top of bus stops, the advertisements on the highways, and even blueprints for houses.

    What this means is that if you think you are creative and imaginative enough, there is an opportunity in digital arts for you. The industry itself is growing and it needs properly-trained artists – and if you can already imagine the possibilities and opportunities, then all you need is training. That’s where we come in.

    Back in 2000, when web and graphic design, animation and multimedia communication were still growing slowly into the massive industry that it is today, a group of artists, educators and entrepreneurs with wild imaginations collaborated to create a school. The idea was that the school must inspire art-loving individuals to follow their passion, and be successful in doing it. To this day, the same mission stands: To offer a well-rounded arts program where learning is fun, practical and comprehensive. And as anyone can see from the school’s graduates who have become creative young professionals who meet the high standards of various industries, First Academy of Computer Arts has been very successful.

    Today, First Academy of Computer Arts is one of the country’s leading providers of digital design technology courses. With its continuing dedication to curriculum development, it is fast becoming a preeminent gateway for careers in advertising, animation design, multimedia communication and web development.

    First Academy of Computer Arts is a 2D/3D Animation Assessment Center.