Albert Grupe on being creative

  • Date: March 5th, 2015
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Who is Albert Grupe?
Hi I’m Albert Grupe. Retired from advertising after over 30 years . I handled creative direction for print, radio, television and cinema campaigns. I co founded Adformatix Inc. after stints at McCann Erickson Philippines, Ace Compton (now Saachi) Philippines as well as Basic/ FCB.

What was it like working in advertising? How has the field of advertising changed?
During pre-digital days, one had to transport via helicopter a Chevy Pickup to the top of the Grand Canyon to video from a steady cam mounted on a helicopter .You would roll till when the sun hits it right. Today you just point and click the unit on the computer against any backdrop without leaving your desk to get the same impact shot!

Tell us about a project that you are proud of.
As pointman for the Colgate Palmolive account, my group was able to re-launch Palmolive Soap from an old fashioned number 3 beauty soap to number one. The Brand dislodged Lux and Camay in just 3 months! The then fresh MTV approach and Alice’s Dixon’s delivery of, “I can feel it” catapulted the brand to numero uno in record time.

How do you manage to stay both personal and original in your creative endeavors?
Thinking out of the box in creating best sellers takes a lot of practice. You focus, research, discipline yourself and even role play. Our brain is the bio computer that assimilates all data during a brainstorm. Take a break long enough to allow all the data to simmer to that eureka moment! If it comes at 3 am , jot the concept down before you go back to sleep so you wont forget.

What is your favorite accomplishment?
That would be setting up Adformatix in the early seventies coming up with my best creatives in my thirties to make it the hot agency to reckon with at that time. And while I serviced major accounts like Carnation and Vicks, I also doubled up as the agency’s VP for creative .

What do you consider is a good commercial or campaign?
A good ad campaign would be one that would get good scores in recall, trial and repeats to rocket sales to a record high like we did with the Palmolive Soap re-launch.

What do you teach at First Academy? Tell us about that subject? Why is it important?
I teach CREATIVE CONCEPTUALIZATION or techniques that create winning concepts. While First Academy teaches the art of computer graphics, I teach what to put in that computer to arrive at communications that sell.

What do students need to have, in terms of skills, to succeed in the advertising industry?
To succeed in the ad industry one has to have the passion to create the unexpected, keep the creatives relevant and motivate trial and repeats for the product you are selling.

Share a favorite quote.
“Its not creative unless it sells” I believe creative guru, “Harry Wayne Macmahon” said that.

If artists want to be inspired, what do you suggest they do or they go to?
For artists to be inspired, they should go through art books at the library or if budget permits, collect art books. A walk through the art galleries and occasional exhibits also tend to inspire.

Who is your favorite artist? Why?
My favorite artist is an excellent illustrator –Norman Rockwell because he captured a lot of heartwarming “snapshots” of life in America during its golden years. I believe he created Santa Claus for Coca Cola in the fifties and is still being used as reference even today.

What is your advise to artists who want to join the advertising industry?
My advice to artists who want to crash into the ad industry? You don’t have to be crazy to join an agency but it sure helps if you are.


Photography By:
Rory Rebustes, Citrusnap Photography Studio.