Chico Castillo

  • Date: July 25th, 2016
  • Author: admin


Who is CHICO?
Hi, my name is Chico O. Castillo. I am 22 years old. I have been into the Arts ever since I was a kid. I’ve also been into freelance as a Multimedia Artist for a couple of years already. Me and my friends established our own Production House recently, mainly focusing on Video Content / Film Creation. Other than my loyalty and love for the arts, I also love hitting the Gym, 6 days a week, rain or shine. It’s not that I am so full of achieving the ultra perfect body, I just love the idea of discipline in the activity and how it clears your mind. Sometimes it’s just medicine, and getting in shape is just a small bonus.

Why did you decide to become a digital artist?
It all started inside our family. I grew up seeing my dad create works of art, until I got used to seeing that art is a normal thing to do inside our house. I remember way back when I was a kid, I was always trying to draw some of my favorite cartoon characters. I couldn’t draw them perfectly that time. My interest for the field grew even more when I first learned to use modern technology to create art. I saw many talented artists on the net. I wanted to be good and talented like them as well.

Why First Academy of Computer Arts? Why did you choose your course?
First Academy is one of the top schools in PH in their field. They have instructors that really bring out the best in you. The school knows all the trends in the field. I took 3D Design and Animation in First Academy because I wanted to learn how studios create 3D content for Film or Games. The school was a great choice.

Last movie you saw?
The Conjuring 2. I watched it two times already. I usually watch selected films at least two times. I focus on the story the first time I watch it, then by the second time I look at the visual effects shown at some parts of it. I like how the transition of the film was composed. Movies that are based on a true story really fascinates me. This one is also based on true content. I wasn’t fascinated at all. It kinda scared the hell out of me at first. Lol

Who is your Favorite artist?
My dad. I learned a lot from him and I always look up to him ever since I was a kid. Back when I was little I always see him with his sketch pad and pencil creating great masterpieces, up until now. He taught me tons of things about Art. Up until now I still learn a lot from him.

What’s the last great book you read?
I’m not really into reading books (unless it’s Art-related) but I have read this one novel which I really find great. The book is entitled “5 People You Meet In Heaven” written by Mitch Albom. I don’t like novels, but after reading the first chapter, I wanted to know the story more.

What inspires you?
My family and my goals for my career inspires me all the time. I dream of working in the Film or Game Industry one day, international or local. I want to utilize everything I know in creating Films or Games. I keep in mind everything my family taught me and I take it with me everyday. I always see great artists on the net, all of their works are good! Those people and their works inspire me as well.

Can you share any experience that has taught you to become better at what you do?
It was actually when I was first criticized about how I create art and about the quality of my works. This was way back high school, the times when I already thought I was already good at what I do. The first time I got a lot of criticism of my work really hurt. A lot. Later I realized they were right, and it gave me motivation to improve on what I do. As I grew up and improved a bit I learned to love criticism, and I use those to motivate me to be better. By the time you already consider yourself as the best at what you do, that’s actually the end of your improvement. For me, staying humble and practice is key to master your craft.

How has FACA helped your artistry?
I started out with First Academy knowing nothing about creating 3D content. I graduated with the right knowledge to create good 3D Artworks. That is how good the school is. The school gave me confidence in the field, and that actually helped me in accepting freelance works.

Do you critique your own work?
Yes. All the time. Before I show my work to anyone, I look at it again one last time. I always check out for rooms for improvement every time I finish an artwork.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?
It has been a habit of mine that before I work and create something, I drink cold coffee. I also listen to music while working, it really helps me” go with the flow” and helps me focus. I always prefer to work in the morning. When I work, I really make sure I don’t work late at night. I don’t rush work and try to finish it at 3am in the morning, because I believe that’s something that we shouldn’t be proud of.

How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
10 Years from now, I see myself still improving on what I do. I still see myself living in the Creative World. I’ll probably be working in the Film Industry or in the Game Industry, and also maybe venturing in business in any of the two as well. Knowing that I really like helping people out when it comes to something I know well, I also see myself teaching everything I know to students who wanted to be artists.

What advise can you give to people who aspire to become a digital artist like you?
Fix your attitude problem if any, because no matter how great you are in what you do best, your future clients will always choose attitude over talent. Keep on dreaming and find inspiration. People think being a Nerd is a bad thing; it isn’t. Truth be told, those so called “Nerds” are actually doing good than those people calling other people a nerd. Keep learning, there’s always room for improvement, regardless your age. Anyone can learn, just keep yourself motivated. Keep creating art. Don’t compare yourself to other artists better than you, focus on improving on yourself. Last, always stay curious, just like how my photography professor in college said it: “Never stop asking why.”