• Date: September 30th, 2016
  • Author: admin

Shaza and Reymar talk about Art in their Heart and how they found their “loves” during their stay in FACA.

Who is Shaza?
Hi, my name is Shaza Chua and currently 23 years of age. I’m the Co-founding Creative and Manager of a humble design studio, Creative Workman Design Studio. I’ve worked with various clients across the globe and gained a unique experience in my career as a digital artist.

Why did you decide to become a digital artist?
Prior to pursuing digital arts in early 2010, I was attending medical school up until I met my boyfriend, now husband, Reymar. What gave me the curiosity and interest in digital arts was seeing my husband come up with concepts and seeing it come to life.
I can clearly remember exploring Adobe Photoshop on my own out of curiosity not even knowing what the tools are. When Reymar saw my first ever digital work which was a basic retouched photo (removing of acne, wrinkles, etc), he was very impressed. And that’s basically how it all started. Since then he encouraged me to pursue digital arts because he saw my potential and capability.
My husband’s faith in me and encouragement definitely motivated me to grow as a digital artist since the beginning up to this day.

Where are you finding ideas or inspiration for your work these days?
For most digital artists, it’s online. It may be Pinterest, Behance, design blogs, etc. But I personally think that finding inspiration from nature is the best. Appreciating what God has created. You can even find all of the design elements/principles in nature, like balance, proportion, perspective, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, rhythm, variety, harmony, and unity.

What project/s are you working on now?
At the moment, I am helping out my husband/business partner with tech startup ideas. On the side, I’m also working on my personal blog called ‘More Precious than Rubies’ which mostly consists of beneficial information about healthy living, natural remedies, faith & encouragement and many more.

What course did you take at FACA? Why did you choose that course?
I took a course in Web Design due to my interest on how websites are built and how they work.

What can you tell those people who are doubtful of learning or exploring their inner artist?
Always trust your instinct and don’t let negativity run you. Do something you know you will love. Just a simple pen and paper can unleash your creativity. Take that first step and it can take you to many places.

What do you do to step outside your comfort zone?
Being bold. And this may sound cheesy, but also ask God for strength. Be up for the challenge to take on project/s that you’re not normally an expert at. Often times we discover our strengths, weaknesses and potential by doing something that’s unfamiliar with our skillset.
If I could create something with an unlimited budget, what would the end result be?
Hmm, there are tons of ideas at the moment but what I really want to create is an app to help with a user’s experience shopping in malls. I personally struggled finding certain item/s that I’m not even sure of existed at within a shopping mall. So what I have to do is to deliberately search every relevant store for me to find that item.
What I want to build is an app that can filter out exact stores that have the specific item you want to purchase without the effort of you having to mall-hop or waste time and money to find it. Mind you, online shopping is still a different experience from actual shopping 🙂

Where do you work now? Tell us about your work?
As of the moment, I am working from the comfort of our home. I’m a Creative Director for a digital marketing company in the US, and a Co-founding Creative and Manager of our very own design agency here in the Philippines.

Has FACA helped or influenced your artistry?
Definitely! FACA has built the foundation needed to head start my career as a digital artist. What I loved about the environment at FACA is being able to interact and socialize with other digital artists who are in different fields. You get to discover what others’ style are and how their design process is.

What’s the first artwork you ever sold? Have you ever sold your work?
I accidentally sold a contact form template built in Adobe Photoshop. ‘Accidental’ because that template was supposed to be for a client but it was never used. So I said to myself, ‘Hey, why not just post it in the digital market to see if I can profit out of my rejected work’. And it did! To my surprise it has been sold for over 20 times. You definitely learn something new by trying.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?
Stepping outside, breathing fresh air and start sketching my ideas. At times a good background music will do too.

Tell us about how you met Reymar? Would you like to share you love story with us?
We haven’t precisely ‘met’ at FACA but we have grown our love for design together in First Academy of Computer Arts. We both knew each other through Facebook (I know, it’s unbelievable!). Being with Reymar for the first year of our relationship made me discover his passion and his love for design, which made me fall in love with his character.
Ever since we finished our courses in FACA, we still pursued design together. We’re happily married for 3 years and counting.



Who is Reymar?
My Name is Reymar Chua. 25 years young, Designer before College, Artist since birth. I am a tech-startup enthusiast. A visual design generalist; I love branding, drawing and painting, graphic and web (ui/ux) design, desktop publishing, print media, photo/videography, photo/video editing, 3D and motion graphics, and even writing. I just love Multimedia Arts. As for my hobbies, I am a musician; I sing and play the guitar. I used to be addicted to Chess and Billiards. I’m not much of an athlete but I love playing badminton, table tennis, and biking for many hours.

Why did you decide to become a digital artist?  
Originally, I wanted to be an aircraft mechanic, but then I started hearing about Digital Arts in 2008 and how it is the new fad on demand and the future via FACA’s TV/radio interview. And being fully aware of my God-Given talent in art and my great interest in learning more, I decided to pursue this path in First Academy. This is how my digital journey began.

Where are you finding ideas or inspiration for your work these days? 
Being a Designer, it is in my nature to solve problems. For startup ideas, I love leeching on real problems that normal people like me face in everyday life. I find my inspirations from all sorts of sources: God, Jesus, Bible, notable ancient cultures, beautiful nature, architecture, people, random thoughts, memories of events and moments, blogs, websites, seeing how other people do it.

What project/s are you working on now? 
I’m currently busy working on my own tech-startups with my awesome wife.

What course did you take at FACA? Why did you choose that course? 
I took a total of 4 short course programs, and those are: Digital Arts, Web Design, 3D Arts, and Basic Digital Photography. I took these courses one after the other as I realise their importance and relevance to each other. Thinking ahead of all the benefits of harbouring many set of skills, I wanted to enlarge my potential value as an asset in my future career in the creative industry. And what do you know, it totally paid of. All these short programs of First Academy are so worth it.

What can you tell those people who are doubtful of learning or exploring their inner artist? 
I want to say what’s only real, which is this: Doubt which is rooted in fear is our common enemy, it is faithlessness, and it is the no.1 hindrance to any success. In all aspects of life, if you want to really succeed at anything at all, one notable thing is essential above all else, and that’s your Will Power your unstoppable passion to make things happen continuously. You need a driving force to push you to the edge, you need this thing called Faith. It’s all about Who/What you believe in, and for me that’s my Lord Jesus Christ; I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me (Phil4:13), The things that are impossible with people are possible with God (Lk18:27), Nothing’s impossible with God (Lk1:37), Nothing’s too hard for The Lord (Jer32:17). These are just a few out of many powerful words that I hold on to, for they give me courage and strength. For me, God’s Faithful Word is the most unbeatable motivator any person could ever have. The fact that our Heavenly Father is The Creator of The Universe tells us that as His children, we were born to explore, practice, and use the artistic talents that Almighty God has graciously given us for His Glory.

What do you do to step outside your comfort zone? 
First thing’s first: I deny myself and shut every negative frequency around me, not entertaining any voice from the enemy. Then I consult my no.1 Supporter and my no.1 Source of all Wisdom and Power: I pray and ask God for His Strength, and I remind myself of my identity who I am in Christ. Because the only way to effectively push myself to the limit is to activate my borderless faith.

If I could create something with an unlimited budget, what would the end result be? 
I have a number of dream projects but I will only mention 1 of them: The V Room (or VRX for short) The most innovative room of the century. Something so specially tailored and designed for the highest, most realistic virtual reality experience on the face of the planet. A place where one could experience entire stories, movies, games and many interesting life scenarios in the most realistic way possible. Not only on the visual aspect, but I want this room to activate all of our 5 senses accurately as to heavily participate in the overall VRX(V Room eXperience). I imagine this room to be the hottest new thing of the next generation; very customisable and available in many sizes and forms. I picture it to be hosting not only national and international competitions, but it can also serve as the latest most efficient and most safe platform for technology-advanced warfare. VRX could be operated by both police and military personnel in remote locations where they are safe and far from all hostility. It will digitally simulate the actual crime or war scenes from their headquarters and remote bases, while they control high speed flying armed drones and DARPA ground units on the actual battlefield, live. This way, less and less human soldiers will have to risk their lives. Think about the movie Surrogate and Gamer but only 100x cooler, and 1000x more advanced. This very innovative product will create a vast number of business opportunities in many industries worldwide.

Where do you work now? Tell us about your work? 
Just like more and more people nowadays, I work in the comfort of my own home. Together with my wife. We officially registered our own design agency last year. Our company is Creative Workman, and we specialise in the creative side of marketing mainly in the areas of branding, web, and print media.

Has FACA helped or influenced your artistry?
Of course FACA did! This is where I learned the basics of everything, even many advanced techniques that I still use to this very day. The quality of the hands-on training at FACA is fantastic. I felt very free to explore my creativity while my instructors are very supportive. What else can I say? My whole FACA experience is just awesome!

What advice can you give to people who aspire to become a digital artist like you? 
I say Go, Go, Go! And it’s so easy to just keep it short that way, but no, I would say before getting into all sorts of things, be smart be informed. Don’t waste time, energy and money. Educate yourselves first and foremost; find out what does it really mean to be a Digital Artist, consider both the pros and the cons alike. Figure out what are the affecting factors and variables like time, schedule, budget/expenses, equipment, average salary, all the limitations and possibilities based on your current situation. Explore potential professional career paths and what are the most efficient way to get to them. Go pursue your dreams, be competitive and advance in it, have fun and do something weird. Create something bizarre; something that’s classically unique yet innovated. And whatever you do, research, research, and research. Talents and Skills are great assets, but they’re not everything. Knowledge is Power and doing things with Wisdom and Understanding are essential keys to success.

What inspires you? 
Aside from awesome people like my wife, I would say anything and everything that is worthy enough to get me hooked and captivated whether that thing be from the past, present or future. What I saw in the past, what I observe now, and the things that I imagine about the future all of these factors contribute and mould what inspires me in general.

Aside from career, we believe you also met your wife at FACA?
Tell us about how you met Shaza? Would you like to share you love story with us?  Shaza and I first saw each other via Facebook. We met at MOA, and as our relationship grew deeper, I discovered her interest and potential in arts, so I taught her everything I know, and I thought what if I let her study at FACA and experience the whole awesome thing herself? That’s how and why my wife came to First Academy of Computer Arts. We’ve been together for 6 years already, happily married for 3 years (and counting).