Geno Maglinao

  • Date: September 23rd, 2013
  • Author: admin

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Who is Geno?

I am a true-born artist. Art runs in my blood. I love performing (I sing, dance, and act) but I also love doing graphic design. Visual and performing arts are my passion.

What’s your typical day like?

I work as an Accounting Assistant in a bank, but that doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love, especially doing design stuff. A free day for me consists of flipping through magazines for design inspirations, listening to music to get creative vibes, and surfing the net – googling for hi-res photos which I can use for my future design projects.

Describe your “AHA!” moment that shaped your decision to study Print Media Arts.

I’ve always had plans of enrolling myself in a school where I can have formal training on graphic design especially on using Adobe Photoshop. However, for the longest time I have not made it into reality. When I saw First Academy’s ad on Philippine Star, I just knew then that it was the right school and the right time for me to pursue studies on graphic design. I visited First Academy’s website and tried calling one of the contact numbers. That was truly an “Aha!” moment for me.

What was your biggest fear before starting your training?

I was already expecting even in the beginning, that we would have different exercises to apply the things we have learned in the course. And my greatest fear that time was running out of creative ideas.But that, fortunately, did not happen. Ideas just simply pop out of your head when you really love what you’re doing.

Why did you choose First Academy?

Who else would you trust but the leading and most of all, pioneer school for computer arts? I need not say more.


Was it a difficult decision to travel all the way here to study?

Yes. I am based in Quezon Province, and I had to travel 3 to 4 hours everytime I have to attend classes. But it’s worth the sacrifice. I learned a lot from First Academy.

How do you find the student life here?

First Academy offers a laid back atmosphere where you can have fun while learning. The curriculum also provides ample time and focus to each student to make sure that they are learning every lesson in the certificate programs they offer. Every activity is a challenge as instructors show the students the works of the alumni of the school. The instructors are very professional and are very accommodating to answer the questions of their students to make their learning experience easier.

How do you incorporate doing school projects in your daily activities?

I commute everyday and it takes me two hours to travel to get to work and get back home. That’s where I start conceptualizing for my projects and visualizing what the outcome of my projects will be. Upon reaching home at night (after having dinner, of course) I go straight to my computer to apply the fruits of my “creative imaginations” I’ve had during the day.

Have you used your new skills already?

Definitely, I’ve done some freelance work and have incorporated what I’ve learned in doing errands in my workplace.

Do your friends/family know you are taking graphic design lessons?

Yes. I’m always proud to tell them that I am now doing what I love most. Whenever I have the chance, I show them my most recent works. It’s always fun getting great reactions especially when they get so amazed and declare that my works look very professionally done.

What do you love the most about what you do now?

Everything! It’s like fulfilling your greatest dream and being able to freely express yourself through graphic arts.

Can you imagine a world without digital arts?

No. Never!

What do you consider as your biggest accomplishment?

It’s definitely being able to submit all my projects on time and coming out with projects that receive great reviews from people.

What’s your next step?

I have two on-going applications as a graphic design artist from referrals of two of my friends who were able to see my projects in First Academy. It’s amazing how everything just falls into place!

If you could destroy one myth about being an artist, what would it be?

That artists are made not born. Art may run in the blood of many, but being an artist is also a learned craft. And First Academy provides for that. First Academy can bring out the artist in you.

When you get back to your hometown, what do you think can you share with your friends about your experience here with us?

I had a great learning experience at First Academy and for those who also would like to pursue a career in computer arts I would greatly recommend First Academy to them.

What’s your advice to aspiring artists?

Live your dreams and First Academy will be there to assist you and equip you with the latest and most efficient techniques for you to be able to live your dreams. Study hard and I’m sure that the rewards you’ll get in the end will surely be great. Couple your hard work with prayer and I’m sure that you’ll go the extra mile with it.