Greyhoundz – “NU 107 Jock Off Awards”

  • Date: January 1st, 2011
  • Author: admin


  • Creative Director: Adrian Arcega
  • Team Lead: Jonathan Navarro
  • 3D Artists:
  • Herald Mendoza
  • Marc Rodriguez
  • Charlie Gerodias
  • Jason del Rosario
  • Jason Ronidel
  • Aiie Castillo
  • Storyboards: Derek Austriaco
  • Concept Art: Jonathan Navarro, Derek Austriaco, Adrian Arcega
  • Editors: Jonathan Navarro, Adrian Arcega

Greyhoundz’s “In Subtitles” was essentially a twisted take on love and double-take. The team took its cue from the angry feel of the song, coupled with singer Reg Rubio’s in-song insistence to “read between the lines.” The result is a dark noir-ish story on authority figures and a seemingly-innocent harbinger of doom. The team behind the video started preprod work on the story, and the students were assigned to work on the storyboards and character designs. Rubio approved of the concept gave the team the freedom to expand the presented story. Most of the team worked on the models, with Jonathan and Herald doing the main animations. Aiie worked on the Flash-animated bits of the video. Additional color-correction and compositing were done in After Effects.