James Manlangit

  • Date: August 1st, 2016
  • Author: admin



Who is James Manlangit?
I’m James Manlangit,a 24 years old 3D generalist who focuses mainly on 3D modelling simply because as a child I always wanted to learn how to sculpt with clay and stone but didn’t have the resources. I love playing a lot of video games especially games from Bethesda. Other than playing video games I love reading books and has a deep appreciation for Nature’s architecture.

Why did you decide to become a digital artist?
I didn’t really plan on becoming a digital artist. It just sort of happened. Honestly I never really liked 3D to begin with but back when I was in 4th year High School since I was already graduating my brother, who is an artist as well told me to start practicing programs like Photoshop, Flash and Maya.
I hated Maya the most I couldn’t imagine how a simple cube becomes a whole character or creature but after a few bumps here and there I started understanding it and fell in love with 3D

Why FACA? Why did you choose your course?
I was already in College and was continually practicing 3D even though I didn’t have major subjects yet. I was really weak at UV mapping and no matter how many tutorials I watched back then I simply couldn’t understand the concept. My brother who also studied in FACA recommended I study UV mapping there and I don’t regret that I did.

How has your training in FACA helped you in your current business/work?
I learned to get over my “fears” of UV mapping. Seriously if I had not learned the art of UV mapping I don’t think I’d be able to export out my displacement maps for my sculpts and the rest of the maps I need (haha).

What’s the last movie you saw? How was it?
Junglebook. How was it you say? JAW-DROPPING! Sherkan was a total badass tiger!

Who is your Favorite artist?
This is tough! There’s honestly so many! Can I mention a few before I say my top favorite? If so I’d like to mention Alex Alvarez first! Then there’s Mike Nash, Dan LuVisi, Dan Roarty, Justin Goby fields, Mark Dedecker, Frank Tzeng, Anthony Jones, Gilberto Magno, and now I’m torn between Rafael Grassetti and Derrick Song.
But if I had to choose one I’d choose Derrick Song his dedication to his craft according to his colleagues is inspiring. His skill set of being both a concept artist and 3D artist is something I want to get to achieve one day too.

What’s the last great book you read?
Ready Player One. It’s a Tron meets Johny Quest world! A recommended book for those who love sci-fi, retro games, dungeons and dragons, old school films and of course virtual reality.

What inspires you?
A lot of my creativity is inspired mainly by music and books. Nature, traveling and meeting locals and seeing different places is definitely an eye opener and you get to learn a lot of things. So for those introverted artists out there (and I know there are a lot because I used to be an introvert) Go out there and travel! Meet new people, fuel your creativity not only through the internet and books but also with experience with different cultures, people and places.

Can you share any experience that has taught you to become better at what you do? ( Ex . a problem that upon its solution made you realize or learn something)
Loving your work and never losing your passion no matter how hard your job is especially when you’re starting out and is still at the bottom of the barrel. It reflects, the more you aren’t interested in what you do, you lose focus, quality of your work deteriorate, more revisions for you. I realized during my first year working that if only I put my heart into my work the quality of the models I could’ve provided for the team could’ve been better.

What do you do? what is your business?
I’m a 3D generalist working at PostManila Inc. I mainly model & texture a wide variety of things from products, buildings, cars and concept designs depending on the idea for the commercial. Sometimes when needed I render and rig as well.

Tell us more about your company. Your clients? Your services? Your location?
PostManila Inc. is a post production company that works on T.V commercials, feature films and the likes.

Do you critique your own work? Explain.
I definitely do. I think that’s one thing ever artist should do. Learn to critique your own work and not falling in love with your work so much. It’s helped me as a 3D artist get the best results with my works by simply analyzing what is needs to be “fixed” or what’s lacking with what I’m working on. It’s also a quality check on all your artworks.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?
Quite a lot but listening to music is definitely a big help. Particularly Electronica & Industrial rock. I just get lost in a trance listening to their music and suddenly I’m fueled up to work. Another thing I do is scroll around my Facebook feed which is filtered with lots of art related pages and a routine I always do is visit art websites like cgsociety,artstation and gameartisan.

How do you see yourself 10years from now?
Still into making art with better skill sets than now and teaching. I really want to teach one day.

What advise can you give to people who aspire to become a digital artist like you?
If you really love art and want to become an artist, never lose your passion! Always keep yourself inspired. I say this because the industry is really tough. With a lot of artists out there, a lot of harsh critiques and tough conditions in the industry it’s easy to lose hope, give up and say you’re tired but trust me, if you stay mentally tough and focused, you’ll start seeing opportunities, and you’ll shield yourself from all the negativity.
Remember why you wanted to become an artist in the first place. It doesn’t matter how slow your progress is as long as you keep moving you’ll get there.
As what Steve Jobs said “Stay hungry, stay foolish”