John Ryan Mendiola

  • Date: March 12th, 2014
  • Author: admin

Post production editor at Bysymphony & Sivvi

What made you decide to train and become a Digital artist?

The Internet was my main library and I tried my best to get all the tutorials to teach myself about Digital Art. But to further reinforce my craving to learn, I’ve decided to take a class at First Academy because I would like to believe, there are other things you can learn from a classroom setup alone. You have an Instructor who can address your concerns right away. Creating projects and fulltime hands-on activities.

What was it like to make your very first creative project?

It was amazing and motivating because I never thought that I could do such artwork, close to the level of works done by senior artists whom I see from different inspiration sites.

What were the memorable challenges you encountered? How did you overcome it?

As a newbie, selection skills particularly “hair selection” is one of the basics you need to know by heart. I can actually do a good selection but I’ve felt there’s a better way in achieving clean selection. Good thing, our Instructor shared his alternative Technique (work around) to achieve a better result. Which up to now I still use.

Where do I get my inspiration?

10% my surroundings and 90% online. The World Wide Web (Google?), Online Art Communities. You just have to browse the web, explore the deepest space of the Internet and you’ll find a lot of goodies.

Who inspires me?

Those humble artists who are not selfish in sharing what they’ve learned to aspiring artists. People with great minds who does not give a rat a** on what other people say about them and about their work.

How do you hone your skills?

Practice whenever I have time. I experiment on different styles. And I browse a lot during my free time as well. Checking the works of the awesome artists I follow online. I keep my self updated with what’s new in the Creative scene.

What advise can you share with our future aspiring artists?

I am No Expert and I still consider myself a Newbie and will always be..I guess, because, I don’t want to stop learning. I still have a lot to discover and to achieve. And how do I set my mind to this? I Explore, Experiment, Practice, Create, this is actually my Mantra. Constant practice and of course, get things done as much as possible. Avoid procrastination. Get inspired but do not copy. Just breathe the positive things and don’t mind the negativity of others. It affects you and your work. It’s okay if they don’t like you or your work. Let your works speak for you. A great artist can recognize the skills of his fellow artist by just observing his work.