Manila Design Week 2010

  • Date: January 1st, 2011
  • Author: admin


Big Top Media Productions and First Academy of Computer arts collaborate for the video launch of Up Dharma Down, SinosiKat and Greyhoundz at Manila Design week’s Manila Sound Vision held at Cubao Expo.

  • Up Dharma Down – “Clockwork”
  • Creative Director: Adrian Arcega
  • Team Lead: Derek Austriaco
  • Motion Graphics: Victoria Chaluyan
  • Story by Adrian Arcega

The concept behind the motion graphics-driven video was having a barrage of intrusive, mind-bending visuals in sync with the band’s music as they play along to it, much like a conceptual rock show. The gentle build-up, leading to the sonic assault of Up Dharma Down’s multi-layered guitar solo, is accompanied by its own visual mayhem. The idea for the video came primarily from UDD’s drummer Ean Mayor, a motion graphics artist himself. After that the team was given free reign to play around with the idea of synchronized chaos, using After Effects.

  • SinoSikat? – “Toilet”
  • Creative Director/Editor: Adrian Arcega
  • Team Lead: Karla Deles
  • 3D Artists:
  • Stephanie Aguillon
  • Jay Luna
  • Carlo Enaje
  • Garri Malaluan
  • Storyboards: Cyril Calderon
  • Concept Art: Adrian Arcega, Stephanie Aguillon
  • Compositing and Motion Graphics: Sherwin Mateo

The intimate surrealist music video for “Toilet” tells the love-hate story of two people seen through the complicated eyes of the woman involved (represented by the Cat-Girl in the story). To tell the story effectively, the music video was rendered in 3D, using Maya as a platform. The team went through various concept art designs, and the storyboard carefully threshed out, and approved by the band. After a number of trials and revisions, the video is what it is now. Karla, Stephanie, and Jay did the main modeling and animation work based on a specific timeline. Sherwin did the compositing parts using After Effects.