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SQooID founder and hand -carved stamp enthusiast talks about her journey to discovering her creative passion. It is almost customary that we do things using computers. Especially for artists, the computer and Adobe are a staple. But there is a…
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The Different Types of Color Printing

by Sean Miller Color printing is exactly what it sounds like: printed images that have color. Color printing has become increasingly common as the years have gone by and some truly striking images have been produced as the technology continues…
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The rise and potential of 3D printing

By Philip Piletic What started out as a decades-old idea, emerging from the realm of Star Trek with fictional food and 3D object replicators, has given rise to modern 3D printing. Once again, science fact is catching up to science…
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Tutorial Services

Want your child to experience a different kind of personalized teaching? Inquire about our tutorial services 898.2724 up to 26 and look for Ms. Yna Manuel. Tutorial need not be boring.



Since the 1920’s, the rise and popularity of Komiks in the Philippines has been sporadic, but one thing that remained was its appeal to children and adults alike. Over the years, different genres have been introduced and recently Indie Komiks…
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Animation: The new Frontier


We all watched cartoons as Children. We’ve seen countless bedtime stories come to life through animation. Even as adults, the appeal of animation continues to mesmerize and entertain us. Although known primarily for entertainment, cartoon animation has found its way…
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ZIGZAG Advertising


What is Zigzag Offshoring? With a humble beginning in 2007, ZigZag Offshoring is now a boutique offshoring solution with clients and associates in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, North America and Europe.   What is your company’s Vision…
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