Christopher Patrick Chang

  • Date: August 1st, 2016
  • Author: admin


Hi Guys, I am Christopher Patrick Chang, age 31 and I’m a Marketing Coordinator and Art Director for Sbarro Philippines. Some of my Hobbies include Collecting Action Figures and Toy Photography.

Why did you decide to become a digital artist?
It might sound Cliché but it’s my dream when I was a kid.

Why First Academy?
I chose FACA because they have excellent facilities and inspiring instructors who push you to do better.

Who is your Favourite artist?
One of my favourites is Christopher Shy aka Ronin. He has done works for Vampire the Eternal Struggle.

What inspires you?
My wife and kid of course.

Can you share any experience that has taught you to become better at what you do?
Well, always bring a clipboard/checklist so that you won’t forget your deadlines.

How has FACA helped you in your career now?
FACA has helped me a lot by upgrading my skills from being a digital artist to a 3D artist.

Do you critique your own work? Explain.
Always, I am not satisfied if I don’t like what I see. A great man once told me, “Do you want your work to look good or great?”

What do you do to get into your creative zone?
Anime music drives me into “the zone”

How do you see yourself 10years from now?
I’d be enrolling again in FACA to update my skill set because if you don’t, you will be left behind.

What advise can you give to people who aspire to become a digital artist like you?
Always have passion. Without it you won’t be able to learn.