Nobody Knows Youth Empowerment Better Than VOTY

  • Date: July 18th, 2016
  • Author: admin


Inspiring our youth since 1997, VOTY has grown into a network of talented individuals whose goal is to create programs dedicated to empower the youth of today.

Giving us an overview of VOTY is Raymard Gutierrez, ASEAN youth ambassador for the Philippines, Executive Director of Youth Media Network Philippines and VOTY TV, a Radio and TV Host from the hit show #SAMANDMARD SHOW.

What is VOTY? VOTY TV /Radio?

Voice of the Youth Network was formed in1997 by the Philippines Voicemaster, Pocholo de leon Gonzales. The Main company is Creativoices, Inc. It is an Audio and Voice over company in Makati City. Voice of the Youth Radio and TV produces programs dedicated to the interests of our young people. It is also a place where students learn and get trained on broadcasting. The TV Show Sam and Mard Show and SJM Productions by Sam and Mard is another entity formed thru the same guidelines of Voice of the Youth Network.

What is your organization’s Vision – Mission?

Voice of the youth network main goal is to INSPIRE. INVOLVE. EMPOWER AND MOTIVATE the young Filipino thru broadcasting.

We strive to make an impact on our world through social change. Tell me about a recent project that helped our community?

For VOTY, we managed to showcase the talents of our young aspiring broadcasters by providing them an avenue to hone their skills in communication and in reporting.  Furthermore, we train and inspire the youth to prepare them to become the next leaders of the community and the country.

For the Sam and Mard Show, together with Sam Olivar, we teach young individuals to develop their skills in Filmmaking by training them how to use their ordinary phone to shoot, edit and broadcast products videos and films. Sam and Mard also helps indigents by doing Feeding and Medical Missions in their barangays.

What is in store for VOTY in 2016?

This 2016, Voice of the Youth Network aims to gather young individuals in different parts of ASIA to be part of the ASEAN YOUTH MEDIA NETWORK. It’s the same goal as VOTY but bigger.

What has VOTY been busy with the past 5 years?

  1. Managed to get 100,000 members and growing
  2. Launched the Youth Media Network Philippines

How will a partnership with FIRST ACADEMY help in promoting social awareness to the youth?

Digital Arts is in demand here and abroad, but not so many students understand the career opportunities in this field. Together, VOTY and FIRST ACADEMY, can create awareness about Digital Arts and Animation on a nationwide scale.

This partnership will be able to produce fun and educational content for films, animation and schools.

Our entity is known to produce a lot of Youth Broadcasters in the Country and with First Academy on our side it will be a lot help as now we can produce animated shows as well.