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  • Date: July 6th, 2015
  • Author: admin

What is Zigzag Offshoring?

With a humble beginning in 2007, ZigZag Offshoring is now a boutique offshoring solution with clients and associates in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, North America and Europe.



Manila Director and owner of Zigzag Offshoring, ZigZag Media and ZigZag Careers, talks about directing and living a creative life.

What is your company’s Vision – Mission

ZigZag is positioned towards a brilliant future providing exceptional solutions for businesses who want to grow offshore. We have big plans to extend our global reach and become the largest digital offshoring provider.
We plan to continue growing our team at a rate of 400% in the next few years so we are actively seeking talent through our new careers portal: www.zigzagcareers.com


How do you create a distraction-free environment?

ZigZag is a digital agency so we need to create and collaborate in a rewarding environment without distractions. We have eliminated distractions by ensuring that staff, with similar tasks, are together in one area working closely to achieve the best outcomes.

We like to work hard and play hard so our quiet work space is separated from the back of our floor where we have a break out area. staff can play billiards, table tennis, xbox and have a meal to recharge.


What do you do to encourage your creative team to step outside of their comfort zone?

Our clients are different in the creative angle, they allow our staff to work independently so going outside of their comfort zone is a must.

Staff are given space and responsibility to make decisions for themselves because we believe that by doing this, we are also helping them realize their full potential.


What is the typical day like in your office?

Our regular business hours are 7 AM to 4PM. Creative teams usually start with a meeting to discuss work in progress and then this is followed by a post evaluation through the day. Regular breaks are a must and we leave early on Fridays to avoid the rush hour 🙂


What distinguishes your company from others in the industry? What are the benefits of working for Zigzag Offshoring?

ZigZag is different because our staff are being guided closely by clients around the globe. Our staff have an opportunity to work directly with designers and developers who are ZigZag Offshoring is a warm, comforting environment where staff and management can collaborate in a creative setting. We take pride in making sure our staff are happy.


How do you select your artists? Any criteria?

Artists need to provide 3 things: Portfolio, Portfolio and Portfolio.


Have you hired artists from First Academy?

Yes, we have hired several artists from First Academy.


How do you find these First Academy graduates?

I attended First Academy myself and learned that the instructors were good at training artists so I knew my business needed graduates from First Academy.


What does one need to have in order to get accepted in your company?

Our initial interviews are geared towards finding motivated individuals. Once motivation is identified we will take a look at the artist’s portfolio, thats it!


Tips on how do you succeed in the creative industry?

Dont limit yourself to design for one market, see what others are doing around the world.
‘Clean’ design is still King. Remain steadfast in learning new skills and don’t be afraid to make mistakes update your resume portfolio (this is one of the biggest opportunities we see with applicants in the creative industry)


Why is it cool to be at ZigZag?

• Monthly fun activities
• Early off on Fridays
• Medical
• Day shift
• Ortigas CBD
• Regular performance reviews
• A Global training ground